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Dropping Out: Crested Butte in the 1970’s

Crested Butte in the 1970s laid the framework for the community we know today. In this decade, there was an explosion of creativity, proliferation of new activities and sports, and a political takeover. This was a riotous time, establishing some of our most loved traditions and sense of community character.

1960’s Crested Butte: Coming Together

This exhibit explores the era between 1955 and 1970 representing the economic and social change of the time through historic newspapers, objects, artwork, and photographs representative of these years. The exhibit delves into the conditions that allowed for an entire town to become a cultural experiment as the community worked together to prevent Crested Butte from becoming a ghost town.

Crested Butte Athletic Profiles

Many world renowned athletes have called Crested Butte home. For several years, the museum regularly spotlighted an athlete every year. Of those, we were honored to share the stories of:

Olympian Emma Coburn
Olympian Aaron Blunck
Olympian David Chodunsky
Mountain Bike Hall of Famer David Wiens
Long distance runner Stevie Kremer
Alpine National Team Snowboarder Dusty Dyar
PSIA instructors Jill and Ross Matlock
Professional Skier Seth Morrison
Ski movie extraordinaires Matchstick Productions


Betty Spehar Children’s Exhibit

The Children’s Exhibit was created in memory of Betty Spehar. Spehar was on the board of the first Crested Butte Society which sought to preserve the history of the area and set the stage for an actual museum. She went to serve on the Museum board once the non-profit was organized, becoming involved in the eventual purchase of Tony’s Conoco for the permanent home of Gunnison Valley historic collections. She was a teacher for 40 years, most of which, she spent at Western State College and Crested Butte Community School. Betty Spehar played a role in many people’s lives through education and history.


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