Food and Drink at 9000′

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“Community, Resilience, and Tradition.”

Food & Drink at 9000′ brings to light the hardships and achievements of the original immigrants to Crested Butte, early hunting and fishing culture, Crested Butte’s own soda bottling works, and the beginning of a dynamic and diverse food and beverage culture in Crested Butte. We hope that this exhibit will bring back fond memories for those who were lucky enough to have drinks at the Rozman/Rozich Saloon, dinner at The Vineyard, or stopping by Stefanics for a snack.

Elk Avenue and Crested Butte might look different, but our restaurants and bars have deep roots within the fabric of this community. Between the photos, stories, and artifacts, we hope you enjoy learning about the resilience of our Crested Buttians over time, the community that has been created, and how tradition is still felt in the culture of the food and beverage industry in Crested Butte.

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This slide presentation focuses on the people, places, and things that would define Crested Butte culinary traditions

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