Mountain Biking in Crested Butte

Core Exhibit

Did Mountain Biking start in Crested Butte?  That’s a question we don’t mind hearing!

We are proud to highlight the history of mountain biking in and around Crested Butte with our exhibit about the development and growth of this enormously popular sport. Our entertaining exhibit features vintage mountain bikes from several generations, bike components, memorabilia, press clippings and classic photos from Crested Butte’s KLUNKER generation.

We at the Museum fondly call our exhibit the exhibit of “est” the long”est” running mountain biking tour that goes over Pearl Pass in the fall, the long”est” mountain biking club in the U.S. called the Crested Butte Mountain Biking Association (CBMBA) and the long”est” continuously running mountain biking festival-formerly known as Fat Tire Bike Week and now called Crested Butte Bike Week.  

Our display also highlights the Gunnison Valley inductees into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame, which relocated from Crested Butte to Fairfax CA in 2013, a natural place to move since we share the claim to have started mountain biking in 1974.


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