Mission & Values

The Crested Butte Museum’s mission is to preserve, share and celebrate the history and traditions of Crested Butte and the Gunnison Valley. Through engaging educational and cultural experiences, the Museum connects people to the past, the place, and each other.

The Museum is committed to preserving the museum building and high standards of collections stewardship, ensuring that we preserve our community’s character and voices for generations to come. We seek out meaningful and diverse historical artifacts and stories, safeguarding all collections. Maintaining high-quality collections care today secures opportunities for learning in the future.

We believe that building community connection is the foundation of preserving and sharing Crested Butte’s history. The Museum encourages collaboration and contribution from every member of our community. This is crucial to continue building upon and celebrating the unique, enduring spirit and evolving character of Crested Butte together.

The Museum is responsible for a historic building and collections- significant community assets – which serve a vital public function as cultural and educational resources. The Museum will maintain and build trust within the community through transparent and careful stewardship of its resources.

The Museum is committed to representing and reflecting the experiences of the communities it serves. We believe that diversity, inclusion, equity, and access are critical elements of responsible stewardship. We document and interpret the history of the Gunnison Valley making it accessible to all. 


The Museum staff, board, volunteers and interns exemplify the highest standards of professional and ethical integrity. We each take personal responsibility for achieving our mission and honoring our commitments to ourselves and the community. 

 The Crested Butte Museum provides a platform for people to make meaningful connections with our past and enrich their understanding of the present, ensuring our community and environment will be cared for and preserved for future generations.

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