Crested Butte 1960’s Counterculture: Coming Together exhibit explores the era between 1955 and 1970 representing the economic and social change of the time through historic newspapers, objects, artwork, and photographs representative of these years. The exhibit delves into the conditions that allowed for an entire town to become a cultural experiment as the community worked together to prevent Crested Butte from becoming a ghost town.

Set in a bar-like scene, Crested Butte 1960s Counterculture: Coming Together focuses on the local places where an established community of retired coal miners and incoming 20 somethings creating relationships that would inspire the revitalization of an end of the road ghost town. These seemingly opposite communities continue to inspire the town of Crested Butte today.

Crested Butte 1960s Counterculture: Coming Together is accompanied by web-accessible oral histories that provide short insights into the lives and attitudes of the community. Oral histories about the 1960s from the new residents at the time and long-established residents provide an intimate perspective on the community during this era. To view these oral histories, follow the link provided.

Oral Histories

Thanks to a generous grant from the Crested Butte / Mt. Crested Butte Rotary Club, the Museum was able to upgrade our digital recording equipment and increase our collection of oral histories for community members.  Also, thanks to a grant from the Crested Butte Creative District the Museum hired two video editors to create ten short videos about the history of Crested Butte.

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