Betty Pellet Crested Butte Museum Speaker seriesThe Summer Speaker Series starts off on Thursday June 30th with the presentation   HerStory. Terri Helm will impersonate a character while bringing history into play. The goal of HerStory is to highlight the very important role played by women in history. Women have accomplished amazing things and by including their stories we celebrate their contribution to history. Terri will portray Betty Pellet who lived in Rico, CO, for 50 years of her life and revitalized the mining industry in Rico with her husband. Betty served in the state legislature for 18 years starting in 1940. Terri has a major connection to Crested Butte since her father owned the Grubstake from around 1964 to 1971.

The museum would like to welcome the public to join us as Terri Helm returns to Crested Butte. Come enjoy an evening of Colorado history! These events are open to the entire community and a $5 donation is suggested. Call the Museum at 349-1880 for questions or more information.

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