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The Crested Butte Museum has preserved many photographs, artifacts, and stories since its inception in 1993.  Community members and historians over the years have been recorded in the form of first accounts, oral histories, and various webinar series.  Explore our digital library from anywhere to learn about the history of Crested Butte!

Oral Histories

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History of the Gunnison Country Series 

With Duane Vandenbusche

Colorado State Historian and Western Colorado University professor, Dr. Duane Vandenbusche shares stories and pictures from the history of the Gunnison Country. Each lecture focuses on a different theme from Gunnison Country history.



Crested Butte History Series

By Red Lady Films

Interviews with folks who have called Crested Butte home. Each discusses a topic important to them and how it influences the Gunnison Valley. Videos by Red Lady Films. A special thank you to the Crested Butte Creative District for supporting projects like these.


featured video: tuck on winter

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Preservation Month Series

The Crested Butte Museum held an online speaker series celebrating National Preservation Month in Gunnison County. We aimed to highlight the many significant rehabilitation efforts that have preserved the history of our communities.


History at Home Series

Through “History at Home,” the museum aims to connect you with our history and with each other. We aim to bring a diverse array of voices to dig into history from different perspectives. You’ll be surprised by what you learn! From fur trappers in the West to the Gunnison Valley Cora community, you’ll hear stories from people in and out of the valley.

featured video: cora migration

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