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Museum Curator Job Description

The mission of the Crested Butte Mountain Heritage Museum is to preserve, share and celebrate the history and traditions of Crested Butte and the Gunnison Valley. Through engaging educational and cultural experiences, the Museum connects people to the past, the place, and each other. As part of the Museum Team, the Curator furthers the mission and strategic plan of the Museum by leading our collections management, exhibits, and educational programming. 

Collections Management:

  • Pursue excellence in overall Collections Department operations and act within the guidelines provided by the Mission of the Museum.
  • Maintain records of accession, condition, and location of objects in museum collection. 
  • Oversee movement, packing, and shipping of objects if required by circumstances. 
  • Observe unpacking of objects acquired by museum and determine that damage or deterioration to objects has not occurred and is safe and pragmatic to store.  
  • Establishing and maintaining appropriate records, forms, procedures and practices relating to collections. 
  • Oversee general collections care.
  • Responsibly collect items for the collection.
    • Respond to donations and manage abandoned property 
    • Train staff on how to address incoming collections
  • Continue research on best practices in regards to collections care.
  • Regularly back up PastPerfect archival program.
  • Respond to all requests related to the collections, including genealogy, commercial requests, and research. 
  • Perform research for institutional purposes, including photo reproduction.  This includes maintaining a collection of institutional documents. 
  • Periodically review and evaluate registration and catalog system to maintain applicability, consistency, and operation.  Recommend changes in recordkeeping procedures to achieve maximum accessibility to and efficient retrieval of collection objects.
  • Recruit and train volunteers and interns to assist with cataloging and collections care.
  • Follow up with donors in all aspects through the fulfillment of the Deed of Gift form and Thank You’s in a timely manner.
  • Maintain and update the Collections Policy
    • Implement and follow through with pest management policy
  • Manage and review loaned material



  • Maintain exhibits by checking physical condition of exhibit and determining when upgrading is required. Inspect exhibits for damage, assists in adjusting and/or reconstructing exhibits as needed, maintain workshop supplies and equipment, order supplies as needed and perform minor repairs on equipment.
  • Communicate with train and diorama specialists to assist in upkeep of the display.
  • Communicate with silver polishers to maintain quality of items within the geology display.
  • Work with Museum Board and visitor suggestions in regards to exhibit planning.
  • Research topics and collections in regards to the Gunnison Valley to present to the public.  Topics should further the Mission of the Museum.
  • Design exhibit space appropriate for historical topics that reveal the story of the Gunnison Valley by considering light, safety, and physical qualities of items available for display, construction requirements, and permanency of exhibit.
  • Prepare budget and timeline for exhibit completion.
  • Prepare graphics for signs and other visual presentations for exhibits according to intended audience.  
  • Maintain proper handling of valuable and irreplaceable artifacts in accordance to curatorial guidelines and standards and build display mounts to support exhibit pieces.
  • Tailor exhibits and displays to coordinate with events if necessary.
  • Regularly update window display.
  • Plan, design, and install periodic rotating exhibits to highlight artifacts from the collections and reveal stories of the Gunnison Valley. 
    • Work with community partners to highlight stories and artifacts of significance. 
  • Seek out opportunities to create exhibits beyond the walls of the museum.
  • Seek out and maintain technological components to exhibits.
  • Train staff on exhibit information, cleaning, and use.
  • Seek out and maintain partnerships with organizations that represent the diverse community of the Gunnison Valley
    • Ensure exhibits represent diverse experiences and perspectives from the Gunnison Valley


Educational Programing:

  • Communicate with CBCS teachers to schedule student field trips to the Museum. 
  • Work with CBCS teachers to develop curriculum that meets the needs of the classroom.
  • Prepare curriculum and supplies for CBCS field trips.
  • Teach CBCS field trips.
  • Engage with parents and teachers to further improve field trips and develop community support.
  • Ensure the CBCS is invoiced in a timely manner.
  • Engage WCU students through internships and exhibit opportunities.
  • Work with WCU history department and MGES to bring students to the museum.
  • Recruit, train, and supervise interns from WCU, providing an educational experience for the students. 
  • Be available for opportunities to engage students of all ages by working with students in projects that they propose. 
  • Suggest and develop educational programming.
  • Develop and implement student and family friendly exhibit activities.
  • Seek out and organize opportunities for staff and volunteer education
    • Organize field trips to neighboring museums in partnership with the Senior Van



  • Prepare reports for board meetings.
  • Involve staff and volunteers on projects being pursued by the collections department.   
  • Evaluate conservation and exhibit needs and suggest new projects and ideas.
  • Prepare yearly collections and exhibit budget and continue to adhere to it throughout the year.  
  • Research and write grants to support the collections and exhibits budget.  Oversee completion and reporting of grant work.
  • Maintain collections storage units.  Continue to address the needs of the space and the items within the units.
  • Regularly update emergency response plan and continue to provide appropriate measures of protection for all aspects of the collection.  Communicate the plan with staff and volunteers.
  • Create and update Collections Policy with the support of the Collections Committee.
  • Support the Museum Board and Executive Director with any institutional goals. 
  • Schedule committee meetings, draft agendas, take notes, prep materials, and run meetings.
  • Be available to answer phones and walk-in inquiries 

This position starts at 35-40 hours per week at $17-19 / hour. Flexible schedule. Can work from Museum office and home. Benefits include a Simple IRA with employer match after one year of employment and a monthly cell phone allowance.