Another year has come and gone and the time of reflecting is upon us. Each year brings wonderful surprises, support, events, and community to the Museum and this year is no different. Here are some highlights from 2018.
  • The Return of the Historic World Record Plute Bull
    • The Plute Bull was shot in 1899 by John Plute and adorned the wall of Tony’s Conoco from the 1970s until 1996. Thanks to many wonderful volunteers and Matt Miles, the rack’s generous owner, the Bull moved from the CB Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center back to Tony’s Conoco in May of 2018. Stop by the Museum to see the largest typical elk rack in the world on public display right here in Crested Butte.


  • A Successful 16th Annual Black and White Ball
    • Over 300 people enjoyed good food, lively music, and fun bidding wars as they danced the night away under the stars while celebrating another year of serving our mission at the 16th annual Black & White Ball. Keep an eye out for the 17th annual Black & White Ball in spring of 2019.

      Stacy McPhail leading the History and Future of Ranching Special Saturday Tour Summer of 2018

      Hope to see you there!


  • Introduction of the special Themed Saturday Tours
    • We had excellent attendance and feedback about our new Special Themed Saturday Tours we introduced this past summer. We will be offering them again on Saturdays this summer. Make sure to keep checking our website for the 2019 Summer Themed Tour schedule.



  • Acquired a Captain Ellen Jack Photo
    • “Captain” Ellen Jack was a sharp shooting entrepreneur who ran several successful businesses in the Gunnison Valley in the late 1880’s including owning several boarding houses in Gunnison and being part owner of the Black Queen Mine in Crystal.
    • This original photo is of Captain Jack in front of what may be her boarding house above Jack’s Cabin.


  • Phase II of the Building Rehab Almost Complete
    • The Exhibit Room received a rehabbed floor.
    • An original exterior wall of the north section of the building (now the rear wall of the hardware Store section) unveiled after being hidden behind panels for estimated 70+ years.


  • Acquired Historic Items from the Rozich/Rozman Saloon
    • The Rozich Rozman Saloon was on 2nd and Elk. The Public House now calls the building home.
    • Thanks to the Rozman family, the Museum now has these items that were in the Saloon:
      • Roulette Table
      • Bottling Machine and labels

Thank you to the many wonderful people who generously donate their time, skills, knowledge, and dollars to help us further our mission to preserve and share the uniquely diverse cultural history of the Gunnison Valley. By supporting the Museum, you too can be a part of making the past a living part of the future. You can make a tax-deductible donation by clicking here.

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