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Located in the heart of Crested Butte’s historic district, the Crested Butte Mountain Heritage Museum’s mission is "to preserve and share the uniquely diverse cultural history of the Gunnison Valley. We make the past a living part of the future." The Museum maintains an extensive collection, including women’s clothing from the 1800’s, love letters from World War II, and Flauschink photographs from the 1990’s. Much of Crested Butte’s unique history resides in our archives and is on display in our exhibits, full of stories from the individuals who lived in this special mountain town. Thank you to our community of donors for providing the Museum with the treasures in this collection. It is our responsibility to maintain and conserve the history that has been entrusted in our care. It is also our privilege to share this vast collection with the public.

Our Board has established that our main priorities, besides preserving Tony's Conoco itself, are to protect our current collection, be ready to accept more items, provide new and fresh exhibits to the public, attend educational conferences, retain interns to help implement projects and move forward with our preservation, all of which, are a part of our Conservation Program.


The Museum has limited space, and therefore only accepts historical items that are from the Gunnison Valley and align with our mission. As a small non-profit, we do our best to ensure the safety and relevance of our collection as well as meet the needs of our donors. If you are interested in donating historical items to the Museum, please consider:

  • Is your historic item from the Gunnison Valley? If not, please consider donating to it to another museum.
  • If you do have a gem of Gunnison Valley history and would like to ensure its proper care, please contact the Collections Manager and bring your item to the Museum. If we are able to accept the item into our collection, you will complete a Deed of Gift form for our records. History is more than its objects. The more context you can provide for your donated items, the more we can fill in the historical records of Crested Butte. Please have any items appraised before donation as Museum staff cannot provide this service for you.

The link below will lead you to the form necessary for donating gift items.

Deed of Gift Form (pdf)


The Crested Butte Mountain Heritage Museum makes its collections open to researchers. To schedule an appointment or to make a request for research to be done, call us at 970-349-1880 or email curator@crestedbuttemuseum.com. The CBMHM charges $25.00 per hour for research services. The first half hour of research is free. Please note that there is no guarantee that our staff will be able to find the materials you are looking for.


For questions regarding incoming or outgoing loans, please contact Nel Burkett at curator@crestedbuttemuseum.com or 970-349-1880.